Save early, save often. Sounds almost like a gospel, and having experienced various software crashes I usually make sure that I am saving often and making backups and so on. The wordpress blog editor is a little different though. Being used to the fact that in a browser CTRL+S saves the HTML document of the page rather than anything else I didn’t use it (Actually in wordpress blog post editor CRTL+S behaves as you would expect it to – saves draft).

So after writing for an hour while working on previous post and jumping between Eclipse and chrome to report on test results I clicked ‘Distraction Free Writing mode’ which basically is a fullscreen mode. Instead of turning on the fullscreen mode, the editor blinked and the edited text disappeared. CRTL+Z didn’t work, there was nothing left from the post in the page source. A brief look into the database showed that there is nothing there for this post. I was doomed – an hour of work gone.

Then I thought – sure, it disappeared, but it has to be somewhere in process memory still (some cache, not yet cleared). So I turned on the WinDbg, connected to the chrome process (chrome runs the tabs in separate processes, and it has a task manager which allows you to see which process corresponds to which tab). Thankfully I remembered some parts of what I was writing so I searched for “ArrayList implementation”:

0:007>s -a 0 L?80000000 “ArrayList implementation”

Search for ascii string (-a) in addresses starting from o for 80000000 bytes (L signifies length) matching  “ArrayList implementation”. And surely enough I got lots of results (~20 of them).

All that was left to do was to trace back to the beginning of the text (“ArrayList implementation” was somewhere in the middle) and dump that memory:

0:007> da 08bdbd10 L40000

0a53d418 “I’ve always thought that Java is”
0a53d438 ” in the wrong by not allowing ge”
0a53d458 “neric collections of primitive t”

I actually managed to recover all of the text thus saving myself an hour of work and 5 tons of frustration. After that I’ve googled on how to turn the auto-save and revisions.

BTW. If you know an easier way to do this – drop me a line, I’ll update the post to include the easiest method.



Jack Z suggested T-Search which is really a cheating engine for games (one that allows you to freeze you health, ammo or whatever) – It’s got a nice UI and would probably be easier to use and faster than using the WinDbg. It’s got a memory browser with a ASCII search function.


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